Path to Published

Getting published. It’s something we all want as writers. These days, there’s a big split as to whether that means self-publishing or traditional publishing, but it’s still the same goal.

In this section of my blog, I want to share with you my journey to getting published. Hopefully, it will end in success, but I certainly can’t guarantee that at this point since I’m only just beginning. But someday, if all goes well, this category will contain some helpful hints for you as you follow you own path to publication. And probably a few pitfalls to avoid as well.

I do have a bit of experience in self-publishing, though not in my own name. Ghostwriting pays the bills until my own writing starts to be more lucrative and I’ve seen plenty of my writing published on Amazon through that method. But for my own writing, I’m planning to go the traditional route. At least for now.

So come along for the ride with me and see how it all turns out!


Let me know what you think!

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