Just a Drop Published!

As I work my way along the long, slow path to publication, I’ve been posting updates here. Keeping a sort of journal of the journey. Well, today I’m thrilled to share a major step on that path. My short story, “Just a Drop,” has been published in Volume 3, Issue 11 of Nebula Rift Science Fiction Magazine.

Technically, the story has been available since December 18, 2015, but I haven’t been promoting it too widely just yet. That’s because it’s currently only available to those who subscribe to magazine. If you’re interested in subscribing, you can do so on Amazon for $19.99/year. But on January 18, the issue containing my story will be available for individual purchase. Once that happens, I’ll be sure to spread the word a bit more widely, including providing a link here.

Just as a small teaser to get you interested, “Just a Drop,” is set in the future, after a devastating series of world wars. In order to prevent future conflict, the developed nations of the world have banded together in punishing all violent crime with the death penalty. The story follows the final minutes of Scot, a man who was sentenced to death and now must face his fate.

As an additional teaser, I’m also creating an interactive version of “Just a Drop.” No firm release date on it yet, but it’s close enough to say that it’s coming soon. The plan is for the interactive edition to be available both as an eBook on Kindle and an iOS app. Keep checking in for details and a release date in the near future!


Let me know what you think!

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