Kickstarter Campaign Coming!

You already know that I’ve finished the first draft of The Other Side of Hope. I’m currently working on adding some extra material and making some crucial revisions. That won’t take much longer and then I think I’ll be on track to publish in April of this year!

But publishing a book takes money.

People usually assume that self-publishing is the quick, easy, cheap way to publish a book. While that can be true, self-publishing a book the right way takes money. Maybe not huge piles of money but still, money is needed. The biggest reason for this is marketing. I wish that writing a great book was enough to ensure that it would sell. It seems logical, right? Great Book = Best Seller. If only the world made sense…

In reality, lots of great books sit unnoticed while lots of mediocre ones climb the charts. Why? Marketing.

I believe The Other Side of Hope is a great story. One with potential to literally change the world. Bold, I know, but no one has ever accused me of having small dreams. However, it can’t achieve that potential if no one reads it.

I’ve put together an aggressive, but still cost effective, marketing plan that I think will spread the word about The Other Side of Hope. To help pay for that plan, as well as cover design and printing costs, I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign.

For those who don’t know, Kickstarter is a crowd funding website. It’s a place where anyone who wants to raise money for a project or product can tell the world want they want to do and ask for help. It starts with someone like me, with an idea they need money to bring to full reality. I set a fundraising goal, in this case, I’m currently expecting that to be $2,000, then people pledge money to help me meet that goal. I’ve set up a reward structure so that you get different rewards depending on how much money you pledge. If the goal is met within 30 days, the money is sent to me and I use it to pay for that advertising plan, my cover designer, and to get the book printed. If the goal isn’t met, no money changes hands and I have to find another way to make all this happen.

As you’ve probably guessed, I need to tell lots of people about this campaign if I want it to be successful. I’m starting by telling you now, before it launches, so you can already be thinking about helping out. Once it launches (hopefully right at the beginning of February), I’ll announce it here again with a link and start telling everyone I know. And plenty of people I don’t.

This can happen! And it will be awesome when it does.


Let me know what you think!

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