Just a Drop – Interactive Version

Most of you know that my short story, “Just a Drop,” was recently published by Nebular Rift Science Fiction magazine. I’ve also mentioned that I’m working on an interactive version of the same story. The final goal for that project is an iOS app and eBook, both of which will be fully interactive. But, as an intermediate step, I’m releasing an online version… today!

I built the interactive version of “Just a Drop” using a super slick tool called Inklewriter, created by Inkle Studios. If you’ve never heard of Inkle before, click that link and go take a look at some of their stuff. Their work includes interactive versions of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Jules Vern’s Around the World in Eighty Days that you don’t want to miss.

Now that you’re done looking at Inkle, I hope you’re ready for some more interactive fiction. Or, if you’re not sold on interactive fiction and want to try it out before you pay for one of Inkle’s creations, you can take a look at Just a Drop and read/play for free. All I ask is that you leave a comment here and tell me what you think!

You’ll follow the final minutes of Scot, a man sentenced to death in a society where all violent crime warrants capital punishment. But, unlike the original version, this time, you can guide Scot’s decisions along the way. Will Scot quietly accept the fate he’s been taught he deserves? Or will his determination to survive overcome his upbringing and lead him to fight for his life? It’s all up to you!


Let me know what you think!

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