Ghostwriting Services

In addition to the projects published in my own name, I also work as a ghostwriter. I’ve been ghostwriting professionally for two years and have completed over a dozen projects including full-length novels, novellas, short stories, and even video game stories. I’m a Top Rated Freelancer with a 100% Job Success Rate in the Upwork freelance network. My clients have found success self-publishing their books and by pursuing traditional publishing routes and many have come back to hire me for multiple projects.

Here’s a brief sampling of their comments on my work:

Excellent writer. Lots of great ideas. Kept up with all deadlines.

His professional and personal manner made it very easy to work with him. If anyone needs their story brought to life or fine tuned then I recommend they talk to R.F.

R.F. really made my novel come alive, with his imagination and writing ability.

Excellent work! Will certainly rehire. Great fiction story teller!

R.F. is very attentive and communicative, and his work is a pleasure to read. Would love to work with him again!

R.F. is a brilliant writer…our collaboration on this project resulted in work that exceeded my expectations. I would definitely hire him for any future projects.

If you’ve got a writing project that requires the assistance of a ghostwriter or substantive editor, I would be delighted to hear from you. I can come alongside you at any stage in the process, from world building and character creation, to the drafting of your manuscript, to polishing your prose and sharpening your story. Use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with me and discuss your project!

Below, you’ll find a basic sketch of what I charge. Every project is different, of course, so rates are not final until we agree on them. I think you’ll find they’re some of the most competitive in the business.


  • Ghostwriting – for those with an idea, plot, or full outline that need some help transforming it into a book.
    • Full planning, character creation, outline, writing of first draft, and one full revision from your idea – $0.07/word
    • Outline, some character creation, writing of first draft, and one full revision from your plot – $0.06/word
    • Writing of first draft and one full revision from your detailed outline and character profiles – $0.05.word
  • Editing – for those who have a manuscript and need help to make it the best it can be
    • Full edit for clarity, plot flow, character details, and grammar/spelling – $1.00/250 words
    • Basic proofreading for grammar/spelling and major sentence construction issues – $0.50/250 words
    • Manuscript evaluation for overall strengths/weaknesses of story and characters – $0.25/250 words
  • Planning – for those who need some help building the world or creating characters for their story
    • Full world building, character creation, rough (not publishable) map, history, cultures, religion, from your idea – $800
    • World building with history, cultures, and religion from your characters and concepts. – $600
    • Character creation from your story idea and/or character concepts – $500
    • Outlining of a story from your characters and concepts – $400 (varies by length)
    • Other combinations of these various services are possible as well, prices to be negotiated

My schedule does stay full most of the time, so get in touch as soon as possible to talk about reserving a spot.