Projects in Progress

I’ve been working on a collection of short stories, called The Samokei Chronicles, on and off for a while now. The first one, “Everyday,” is available right here on my website and the second, “The Howling Wood,” has just been finished and will be sent out to everyone who signs up to receive free serialized stories to their inboxes soon!

Something relatively new to me is the idea of Interactive Fiction, or text-based games. I’ve been trying to brainstorm ideas to make stories more immersive, more interactive, for a while now. Recently, I stumbled onto Interactive Fiction and learned that there are already people doing something very similar to the idea that was just starting to take shape in my head. So, as a side project, I’m learning all I can about this exciting medium, and stockpiling ideas and techniques for the creation of an interactive novel. At this point, that still seems to be something quite far into the future as my grasp of coding is quite limited. In fact, I’m considering the very strong possibility that this is something I will need a partner to bring to full fruition. So, if you’re a programmer and think an interactive novel sounds like a fun project, please get in touch with me!

With my debut novel, The Other Side of Hope, just released on April 18, it’s time for me to start up a new novel. Though for a while, I was planning on leaving this world behind, I’ve received a lot of feedback that seems to indicate people would enjoy more stories in it. So, while I will be moving on from those characters, there are more stories to come in the alternate history world the novel is set in. A second novel is in the planning stages and you can sign up to receive free serialized stories that delve into the history of this upside down world soon!