The Other Side of Hope

My debut novel, The Other Side of Hope, is an alternate history novel set in a world in which the global roles of Islam and Christianity have switched places. You can find it as an eBook on KindleKoboGoogle Play,  iTunes, Nook, or a paperback at Amazon and the CreateSpace store.

Just a Drop

My first traditionally published short story, Just a Drop, is set in a future where all violent crime, no matter how small, is punished with the death penalty. The story follows Scot through his final minutes on death row. It was published in Volume 3 No 11 of Nebula Rift Science Fiction Magazine and you can find it on Kindle or directly from the Nebula Rift store.

Just a Drop: An Interactive Short Story

The setting and characters are all the same, but this time you get to guide Scot’s choices. Will he march passively to the death society says he deserves or fight for another chance at life and happiness? You can find the interactive version of Just a Drop on Kindle or read it for free here.

Just a Drop Cover

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